Home Health Services

Home health is an integral part of the delivery of healthcare. Remember the “good-ol” days when Doctors made house calls? Well, physical therapists make house calls and it just makes sense.

During the rehabilitation process, there may come a point where you are able to be discharged from a hospital, but not quite functional enough to make it to a rehabilitation clinic. Home health to the rescue, literally. We provide physical and occupational therapy in the comfort of your home. This is especially helpful for patients recovering from surgery or a debilitating condition that makes it difficult for patients to leave home. We also provide home therapy to the “mature” and “maturing” population that are challenged with the increasing difficulties of daily living. Poor balance, weakness, difficulty with walking are a few of the challenges we can work with and improve.

We find that most people want two things: First, to safely live at home as long as possible. And second, not become a burden on someone else for normal daily activities. With and interdisciplinary approach, we can help you achieve those two goals. We offer guidance on activities (aka exercises) that will improve your functional strength and make suggestions how to change your home environment to make living easier.

Your therapy plan is your plan. You set the goals and the pace and we are there to simply offer guidance. We always appreciate and respect the trust of someone who invites us into their home to help their personal challenges of daily living.

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