Outpatient Services

Therapy West strives to provide the best in rehabilitation services in our partnered hospitals and rehab centers. We offer an integrated approach of rehab disciplines including physical, occupational, and speech therapy to help you achieve the highest level of function and independence.

Our greatest strength is that we care! We care that you get better and are able to return to your prior functional level. We espouse the great philosophy of Patch Adams (Robin Williams) in that “if you treat the diagnosis you win and you lose, but if you treat the patient, you win every time.”

We are committed to provide rehab in a nurturing and challenging environment where you set the goals and pace of your rehab. There are a host of challenges that may bring you to an inpatient rehabilitation setting and we are prepared to address those challenges. Some of those challenges may include a stroke, total joint replacement, general surgical conditions, or a disease pathology that leaves you weak and unable to do what you want. Therapy West will individualize your plan of care and provide an interdisciplinary approach so we can maximize your return to health.

We are grateful when you entrust your rehabilitation needs to the Therapy West Team and we consider it a solemn stewardship to provide you the best of care.

Therapy West Team

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