Derek Overly

Derek Overly, MSPT

Derek Overly, Partner of Therapy West, has a Master Science Physical Therapy degree from TWU in Houston, Texas. He also graduated from BYU with a BS in Business Management and Psychology. Derek and Joe Howe started their partnership in Gunnison after Derek's graduation in 1996. He is a member of the Utah Physical Therapy Association and a member of the Private Practice section of the American Physical Therapy Association. Derek is responsible for supporting the outpatient clinics, skilled rehabilitation centers, and other offices managed by Therapy West. Compliance with state, federal and insurance regulations is necessary in working with human resources, contracting, marketing programs and medical care. Derek maintains the relationship with Therapy West and physicians in Sanpete, Sevier, Wayne County and Sanpete Valley and Gunnison Valley hospitals. "If you treat the diagnosis only, sometimes you will win and sometimes you will lose, but if you treat the person, you will win every time," said Derek. "We want to make sure that our therapists provide excellent physical care. My job is to make sure people have a good work environment and the tools to do a good job." Derek and his wife, Charity, live in Mayfield with their four children. The oldest daughter is serving a mission for the LDS Church. Any free time is spent with his family – preferably in the outdoors.
Joe Howe

Joe Howe, RPT

Joe Howe, partner of Therapy West, attended BYU and received his pre-Physical Therapy degree, then attended St. Louis University when he graduated as a Registered Physical Therapist. Before moving to Ephraim, UT, where he has lived for 23 years, he practiced in rehabilitation clinic in Sandy UT dealing with hand, spinal and brain injuries. Continuing education involves working with orthopedic surgeons on Saturday mornings at Snow College during football season to go through every injury and recognize how to manage the therapy. "I can't think of a thing that I haven't dealt with in therapy. You have to be sharp and maintain continuing education hours to be competent to treat old and new injuries. I explain to every patient what is going to happen – request that they be patient with themselves for progress and help them understand what and when to expect improvement." Joe's time is spent in the Mt. Pleasant Hospital, home health and the clinic in Ephraim. He also works with the North Sanpete School District and high school students who have developmental delays. He has volunteered at Manti High School athletics since 1998. Joe is married to Kjirsten and they have six children. Two of them are still at home. The favorite family time is spent outdoors, especially when everyone comes back to boat on Lake Powell.
Dallas Overly

Dallas Overly, MPT

With a Bachelor Degree in Exercise Science/Physical Therapy Studies and a Master of Physical Therapy, Dallas Overly graduated from the University of Utah in 2001. Additional therapy experience was gained at the University Hospital and the Orthopedic Specialty Hospital in northern Utah. During his time in Gunnison with his wife, Janelle and four children, Dallas continues to be active in the community, coaching young children in soccer, baseball, football, and basketball as well as working with all school athletics including the Gunnison High School Drill Team with their "bumps and bruises." He enjoys the rural setting where he can use his skills working with people in the outpatient clinic in Gunnison as well as at Gunnison Hospital, the Community Living Center in Centerfield and home health in the surrounding area. During his 14 years, Dallas has had the opportunity to work with people in most every situation, balance issues, age-related conditions, burns, wounds, orthopedic and neurology treatments. "I treat every patient as I would want my parents, spouse and children treated. Humor helps so people can find a little enjoyment as well as feel supported. I want patients to be aware of their progress from one phase to another – both the steps it takes as well as have a sound understanding of how much can be accomplished for them to reach their potential goal."
Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson, DPT

Ben Robinson, DPT, attended the University of Utah for both his pre-physical therapy degree and his doctorate degree awarded in 2006. Before returning to Mt. Pleasant in 2008, he received additional instruction through Sole Support and kinesio taping. Focus is spent on the outpatient clinic in Mt. Pleasant as well as home health and at the Sanpete Valley Hospital. Ben volunteers at the North Sanpete High School in their athletic program and on the medical staff, at Snow College on their medical staff for athletics and works with elementary children who are developmentally delayed. Ben evaluates the child and sets up a plan that will work with the disability. "I believe that hands-on manual skills will improve what the patient needs. A heavy emphasis on exercise and movement when healing the body will produce significant progress. Special and specific testing is done to evaluate the problem to see what is wrong and then address this through therapeutic exercise. I try to tailor this to the patient's interests and activities." Returning to the area where Ben and his wife, Kaylin, were raised is ideal for them and their four children. Family activities included anything that is outdoors, fishing, hunting, camping, tubing, etc. The family enjoys watching as well as participating in athletic events. Keeping fit, himself, Ben has a personal exercise program and likes to bike. "I want to build a relationship with the patient so when they walk out the door they feel better than when they walked in."

Matt Barney, DPT

After graduation from Utah Valley University with a degree in Exercise Science and from the University of Utah with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, Matthew Barney returned to his hometown of Richfield with his wife, Kirsten, and three children. The visibility of Matt at Richfield High School activities demonstrates his continued interest in the community and also his willingness to be available if there is a need for his skills. Extra time is spent with the family at the Fish Lake cabin, playing the guitar and personal exercise improvement. Working at the outpatient clinic in Richfield, the Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center, home health in Sevier and Wayne County gives Matt the opportunity to demonstrate his skills as a physical therapist. "I always make sure that the service provided is what needs to be there for continued progress. Research-based evidence supports the intervention that I choose to use with my patients. Working with communication helps me choose an avenue for the patient where therapy can be fun and I can modify the protocol and approach for a realization of gain and improvement."
Derek Ellgen

Derek Ellgen, DPT

Derek earned his Bachelor's degree in Exercise Science from Southern Utah University in 2013. He then went on to earn his Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from Touro University - Nevada in 2017. During his graduate program, Derek gained experience through clinical rotations in outpatient clinics, hospital inpatient settings, rehabilitation centers, and sports medicine facilities. Derek enjoys living and working in a rural community where he can use a variety of skills. He sees patients at the Ephraim outpatient clinic, Sanpete Valley Hospital, and home health in the surrounding area. "I chose this career because it allows me to help others reach their goals and return to their normal activities. I enjoy assisting patients through their rehab journey and being a part of the healing process. It's important to me to develop a relationship with each patient, making sure their needs and concerns are met." In his spare time, Derek enjoys playing almost any kind of sport, hunting, hiking, and camping. He loves spending time with his wife, Julianne, and two daughters.
Karen Eisenbrandt

Karen Eisenbrandt, PTA

Karen Eisenbrandt has held the PTA position as the employee who has been at Therapy West the longest. Graduating from Salt Lake Community College with her Associate's degree, she started her employment in 1997. A resident of Mayfield, with her husband, Gene, she has enjoyed working with home health in Sevier and Sanpete County, as well as helping people in the Community Living Center in Centerfield. Continuing education is important to her, as she has worked with almost every kind of need that requires physical therapy. Karen enjoys visiting her grandchildren (who live out of town), crocheting and sewing projects, camping and ATV riding. Most enjoyable for the couple is their activity in the Top Notch archery club. "A strength I have developed," said Karen "is to achieve a comfortable situation and atmosphere with a patient so that person can accomplish and manage what they need to have improved mobility, strength and function at a level that enables them to go home or stay home. Our focus in rural areas gives us versatility and the background to deal with all ages, injuries and situations. We want to help people improve their independence."

Tyler Paulson, PTA

Tyler Paulson decided to go into the physical therapy field after having several surgeries and injuries relating to sports and motorcycle accidents. "I know first hand how hard things can be and I know that a person must be patient with their progress. I adapt the treatment to them in the best way that fits their life style. I like to personalize their treatment for their age, activity and ability." Tyler works primarily with patients in the Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center and is also available to work with home health in Wayne and Sevier County. One goal in the care center is make sure that residents are able to move around the facility safely and maintain the skills to continue daily tasks. He graduated from the Provo College of Physical Therapy in 2011 with his PTA degree. With their two young children, Tyler and his wife, Carrie are active in out-door recreation and are helping develop athletic skills at an early age for children in a program sponsored by the Richfield Recreation Department. He also has an intuitive skill that helps him see what needs to be done to help patients in home health situations as he visits and sees needs beyond the actual physical therapy.
John Ramage

John Ramage, PTA

Versatile with his education, John Ramage, graduated from BYU with minors of health and sciences. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a Masters of Physical Education. He graduated in 2010 from the Provo College in Physical Therapy and moved to Monroe, Utah to work for Therapy West. John's current PTA position is Director of Therapy at the Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center. "I love what I do, coaching in a different realm with patients on an individual basis rather than in front of a crowd of 50,000. The people I work with have had a significant event in their life and I can help them through this difficult time - especially initially - to encourage and motivate them so they can see that every little improvement counts. I ask them to remember where they are now compared to where they were before they started therapy. A mental approach is a significant need for positive improvement in physical therapy." John and his wife, Cathy, have an international household with two of their six children living at home. They enjoy hiking, fishing, and camping. Personal interests for John include woodworking - large and small projects and working with the youth in the Young Men's Program for the LDS church. He also volunteers for coaching at Monroe High School and attends sports games where he is available for physical therapy if needed. Some Saturday mornings will see him at the clinic in Richfield during football season to help alleviate and treat minor injuries from a previous game.
Aydre Moysh

Aydre Moysh, PTA

Since 2005 (with time out for an LDS mission to Texas) Aydre Moysh has always been involved in physical therapy, working full-time or part-time while going to school. Aydre played soccer on the BYU team as she earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Therapeutic Recreation. Reaching another goal, she graduated from Salt Lake Community College as a Physical Therapy Assistant. Aydre has experience in every area of physical therapy working with outpatient orthopedics as well as in-patient neurology. The opportunity of working in the Ephraim area enables her to use her expertise with elementary students who have physical therapy needs as well as patients in home health and in the Mt. Pleasant Hospital. "I like people and I really like helping them get better." Aydre lives in Ephraim with her husband, Kelly, and they have two children. They enjoy outdoor recreation in the mountains as well as traveling to Mexico frequently to enjoy extended family and participate in beach activities. Time is also spent helping with the Manti High School girls' soccer team.
Kassidy Irons

Kassidy Irons, PTA

A 2013 graduate of Dixie State University prepared Kassidy Irons, PTA (Sterling Scholar) with skills that impressed the State Board examiners regarding the clinical instruction at Dixie State University. In the short time she has been employed with Therapy West, Kassidy has developed a well-rounded experience that helps patients feel more comfortable. "My outgoing personality and ability to communicate with an individual helps to let them know that I am on their side without being intrusive. I explain why a particular treatment is needed for their improvement." Kassidy works where she is needed in home health, hospitals and in-patient and outpatient care. Kassidy is newly married to Cody, who is attending Snow College, and has lived in the Ephraim area for almost two years. She enjoyed running in the Ragnor Relay and is preparing for a half-marathon. Camping in the beautiful area of central Utah is something they both enjoy. They also participate in community recreational leagues and watch high school sports - where they both participated.
Niki Nielsen

Niki Nielsen, PTA

Niki Nielsen, PTA is a lifelong resident of Ephraim. She is a graduate of Manti High School (MHS) class of 2014. While a student at MHS, she distinguished herself by earning the academic all state award in tennis and achieved Sterling Scholar runner up in region for the field of Trade and Tech. Niki has attended Snow College, Dixie State and was recently a student at Provo College, where she graduated with a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant, also graduating with high academic honors. During her clinical experience as a physical therapy assistant, Niki had the opportunity to spend eight weeks in Hawaii working at Fukuji and Lum Physical Therapy Clinic, St. Marks hospital working in acute care for seven weeks. She enjoyed her time learning "hands on" from the many different therapists with whom she worked. In May of 2017 she began her career as a PT assistant with Therapy West. Niki is passionate about physical therapy and chose this career field "to help people gain a more functional life." In her free time, Niki can be found in the mountains, on her dirt bike, camping, on the lake, or just enjoying time spent with her family.
Sandra Taylor

Sandra Taylor, Speech Pathologist

Speech Language Pathologist Sandra Taylor and her family have lived in the Monroe, UT for the past three years. She graduated from BYU in 1987 with a degree in Speech Pathology and has experience in the Jordan School District as well as Wayne County. After Sandra tests, evaluates and sets goals for students, she supervises the para-professionals who continue with the program that has been established. The majority of her time is spent working with patients in the Richfield Rehabilitation Center and the Community Living Center in Centerfield. Consultations with medical personal help determine a protocol, to help individuals who have had a stroke, may have difficulty in swallowing and other various situations where language skills can be improved. Sandra and her husband, Doug, have six children - four girls away from home and two boys at home who are involved in school activities. Sandra has a minor in music from BYU and enjoying playing the piano, flute and harp. She is a member of the Sevier Valley Symphony. The family enjoys boating at Lake Powell and traveling. "My goal is to help each patient be to be successful in the least restrictive environment and help them compensate for any ability they may have lost so they can become successful in communicating with other people around them."

Jace Anderson, Occupational Therapist, OTR/L

Jace Anderson and his wife recently moved back to central Utah, after earning a Master of Science degree in Occupational Therapy from Touro University Nevada. In addition, he has a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science from Southern Utah University. Jace has recently gained therapy experience throughout Sanpete and Sevier Counties at the Gunnison and Mt. Pleasant Hospitals, Community Living Center in Centerfield, Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center, schools throughout South Sanpete School District and Lake Mead Health and Rehab located in Henderson, Nevada. He had the opportunity to provide comprehensive OT services for children, adults and older adults with orthopedic injuries, cardiac or pulmonary diseases, developmental disabilities and many other chronic medical conditions. Jace is also a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association. "My philosophy is that all patients/clients/children are different, therefore the treatment approach must be individualized. The idea of using functional activities to develop, recover, and maintain daily living skills is crucial in guiding treatment sessions. I focus on creating a fun, safe and encouraging therapeutic environment to continually build confidence and self-esteem in those I work with. Learning opportunities can come from the smallest engagement." When he isn't at work, Jace enjoys spending time with family and friends. He enjoys most any outdoor activities and enjoys serving the rural community of Sanpete and Sevier Counties.

Hillary Palmer, OTR/L

Hillary Palmer graduated with her undergraduate degree in Psychology from Southern Utah University, and then received her Master's degree in Occupational Therapy from the University of Utah in 2015. As an occupational therapist she works with a variety of facilities including Sanpete Valley Hospital, Gunnison Valley Hospital, the Community Living Center in Centerfield, and South Sanpete School District. "I enjoy the opportunity I have to work with a diverse population of both children and adults. As an occupational therapist I have developed the flexibility to work with people from a variety of backgrounds and help them to become more independent in their daily lives. My primary goal is to help individuals of all ages live their lives with as much independence and dignity as possible; no matter what age or ability level they may be." Hillary and her husband Josh reside in Ephraim. They enjoy the many outdoor activities that Sanpete County has to offer including hunting, fishing, 4-wheeling, and camping.
Nickelle Zabriskie

Nickelle Zabriskie, COTA

Nickelle Zabriskie and her three-year-old son are looking forward to becoming more involved in the Manti community. She has accepted a job with Therapy West working as a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant. Nickelle graduated from the Salt Lake Community College in 2010. Prior to moving to Manti, she worked for five years at the Provo Nursing and Rehabilitation Center where she helped long-term patients who had strokes, pneumonia, fractures of bones and total knee replacements. Nickelle is skilled with the Trachea and Ventilation machine that is used for patients who cannot breathe on their own. She will focus her time at the Gunnison Hospital and the Community Living Center in Centerfield. "My goal is to reeducate patients on simple daily tasks and to provide care that is fun and exciting so people are motivated to get back to their preferred level of function. I work hard gaining their trust so they know I have their best interest in mind. I develop treatments that are personalized and individualized so when they return home they can do as they did before." Nickelle enjoys spending time with her family (located in the area) and her son, riding horses and going for rides on the 4-wheeler.