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My life changed in an instant when I broke my neck and was paralyzed from the neck down. Going through surgery and rehab was a difficult time not only in my life, but also my families. I had to learn to do the simplest of things. Coming home from the “comfort” of the hospital and realizing that my healing process had just begun, I knew that I had to trust who I was working with everyday and knowing I am getting everything I was getting with the specialists. Dallas Overly and his staff at Therapy West was where I knew I was going to get the best treatment. Dallas worked with me and made me feel comfortable. Along with making me feel comfortable he and his staff welcomed my family on the long journey. Talking to my family and I through each phase of my recover and showing them the exercises to help me with at home. It has been three years and I am fully recovered and I appreciate Dallas Overly and Therapy West and recommend them for all therapy needs.

Leslie Nelson
Salina, UT

Matt was able to take care of my pain and taught me exercises that have helped to keep the pain from coming back. I feel like I am able to do the things I enjoy again. Matt really took the time to make things better for me, and he educated me largely about therapy.

Pat Menefee
Torrey, UT

After my back surgery, I wondered if I would ever be able to get feeling better and do the things that I love doing. Matt worked with me and was able to get me feeling better. He is really good at what he does, and he helped me to accomplish all my personal goals.

Deama Chappell
Lyman, UT

My knee had been making it hard for me to participate in sports and to do the things that I wanted to do. Matt was able to help me get my knee feeling better and get back to playing sports.

Shaelyn Meacham
Elsinore, UT

I had been having troubles with my feet that made it so I had difficulty working. In just a few treatments, Matt made it so that I was able to get a whole day of work without more pain. Matt knew exactly what to do and made therapy enjoyable as well.

Chelsea Demille
Annabella, UT

My experience with Therapy West has been amazing!!! Joe and his staff, Cherrie, Kaitlin and Mylynn make for a very fun environment and still stay professional. I had surgery on my right elbow and was worried that I would not be able to have full use of it again. Every time I leave physical therapy with Joe I have seen a big improvement from when I went in. My son Derek tore his MCL during football and joined me in physical therapy. He was able to finish his football season, is now involved with basketball and has had no medical problems since he was released from physical therapy. Thank you Therapy West for the exceptional care.

Emily Palmer
Spring City, UT

I came to Therapy West after having a rotator cuff repair then after a back fusion. I was treated with due respect and given quality care. Ben Robinson and his staff were very helpful in my rehabilitation. I am doing well after being treated at Therapy West.

Dennis Slack
Mt. Pleasant

Over the past 18 years, several members of our family have worked with Derek and Dallas at Therapy West. They have worked with us through extremely brutal football game hits, back pain, shoulder surgeries, meniscus transplants and foot fusions. Without their knowledge and help, we definitely wouldn’t be able to enjoy the active lifestyles we now have. Their care, compassion and concern along with their ability to encourage us to do the necessary exercises (when we really didn’t want to do them) in order to regain our strength and range of motion is fantastic. They wanted us to succeed as much as we did.

Kathy Frandsen

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